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About Course

Welcome to my online course, ‘Abstract Florals’. The course is suitable for all levels including complete beginners or those who have had experience in painting. Learn how to use the qualities of the paint to capture the essence of flowers. You will create beautiful, expressive paintings rich in colour, texture and gesture. 


I am an oil painter so the course is catered more towards oils but if you prefer to use acrylic paint, please do so. The course is designed for you to create paintings using a loose, expressive and intuitive approach. I will simply be guiding you and it is you who will create your own unique style of painting. The materials are NOT included in the course but I have included a list of materials for you to purchase.  You don’t have to buy the exact same brands and materials as I do.  The course is all about experimentation and having fun so don’t worry if you cannot get hold of all the materials. You can always make it work!


The course is pre-recorded and broken down into videos, images and text. It is yours to keep forever and can be accessed anywhere in the world. There is no pressure and the course is fun, relaxing and designed to fit into your schedule. You can contact me whenever you wish to discuss your paintings or any questions you have and I will give you feedback and constructive criticism. If you are stuck with a particular process, I can send you extra videos and images to help you. 


Please note: If you are viewing the course on an apple device, you may need to change your settings to access it.

To do this:

Open Settings> Open Safari> Under the ‘Privacy’ heading, make sure the ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ switch is OFF.




I hope you enjoy it!


Art Materials List


I have listed below what you will need to purchase for this online floral course. If you have any questions about materials, please do not hesitate to email me on samanthamccubbin1@hotmail.co.uk


I am tailoring this list towards oil painters but if you use acrylics, you will just need water instead of solvent (a spray bottle filled with water would work for some of the techniques)


If you’d prefer to use acrylic paint then you won’t need the oil and solvent but instead use water in the mugs.


  • Oil Paper
  • Canvasses
  • Gesso primer if your canvasses are not primed (I like to use the brand ‘loxley’ as they don’t need priming.
  • Oil Paints (You can choose what colours you like but I will list some on the next sheet)
  • A clear oil medium oil (to help the spread and flow of the paint) and a small dish mug to put it in
  • Paint Thinner / solvent and a mug to put this in
  • Mugs / jam jars
  • A range of brushes (These don’t need to be expensive, high-quality brushes)
  • Baby Wipes or wet wipes of any kind
  • Disposable paint palettes or tin / aluminum foil
  • Palette knife (I like one that is more bendy and rectangular shaped to help spread the paint)
  • Pencil
  • Rag (optional) – this is useful to help create a background wash
  • A stand easel or a desk easel
  • Either a still life, an image of a bouquet or just your imagination!
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Course Content


  • Introduction to Abstract Florals (Video)
  • Introduction to Abstract Florals (Text)

Art Materials

Setting Up

Experiments on Paper

The Main Canvas (Example 1)

The Main Canvas (Example 2)

Final Thoughts